HYPO2I believe we are all hypocrites to some extent. How many times have we given a fellow friend or colleague advice on somethings we ourselves don’t do or wouldn’t do? I mean good helpful advice..? or how many times are we quick to judge others ?
Take a moment to look at the way you live…You will be surprised at how we are      not so different from those we judge.

DISCLAIMER:No sin is greater than the other!

We must learn to mind our own business and stay true to who we are . Most importantly we must sop this hypocrisy crisis the world seems to be in. We need to start doing what we say and stop this “Do as i say and no as i do” motto.

How do you expect God to use you when you preach lies everywhere you go-you go about telling people to trust in God when you yourself do not?
How do you expect to be the change in your life/career, be a role model to those you love or inspire those around you when you yourself do the opposite of what you claim to believe in /live by?…(in secret).

Hypocrisy is a disease we must fight against.We delay most of our good fortunes/blessings from getting to us because of it. Jesus criticized hypocrites – those who wear a mask, who say one thing and do something different which shows how bad it is.
Getting rid of this disease wont happen overnight, nor will it be a success doing it in our own strength.We are all a  work in progress and Only God can help us-for alone we cannot.  We need to remember that though Jesus had harsh words to say to hypocrites and so there is no place for hypocrisy in the lives of those who claim to follow him. But we all fail at times. We will disappoint, but Jesus won’t.




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