If there is one thing I have realized about being a Christian is how hard it  can be. It is so much easy to be one in the comfort of your home..away from the outside world- away from the temptations and trials. The biggest test is outside-How we respond to what the world throws at us. Many of us fail in that area.Being a christian means all eyes will be on you. Your actions, your words are being criticized all the time. Just one slip and the world gets ecstatic….
There is a lot of misconceptions around Christianity. The world thinks we are a perfect species of the human race. one without faults…when as a matter of fact we are a work in progress. We are being perfected each day into who we really are in Christ Jesus as God’s children. The more we spend in the word and our fellowship with God together with the more we come to our knowledge of our identity in Christ do we slowly let go of bad morals and traits. The more we drift from the world heading towards the kingdom of God..(our home).
We need to understand also how Christianity is not a rule book like what Religion makes us believe . Christianity is a relationship between God and his Children…Christianity in other words is family. A family full of love, compassion , joy and peace.A Family whereby the father loves his children regardless of their behavior , He will always have their back making sure they got everything they need even before the children know what they need….a father who holds no grudges, one who wants to see his children succeed in everything they do and will do whatever it takes to make sure they get the best out of life.
The second we realize this , is the time we will be able to experience heaven on earth…it’s the time we will be free from the chains of religion and the world.It’s the time we will see the manifestation of Christ in it’s totality.


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