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Greetings beautiful people…so this is a continuation of my previous post…for those who haven’t read it ,here is the link-

So back to the part where children who grow up in christian based homes start discovering other sides of themselves they freak out! They start questioning their identity especially the one they grew up believing …they know that is their real one- no doubt but what really freaks them out is the fear of disappointing their family… the people/person who had such a big impact in their lives. Instead of fearing God we fear what i call the system (Family). If not them they fear the people around them. They do things they once vowed they would never do..or even worse do the very things they used to judge others for doing…

In this new world we enter a battle of WWR(WHO WE ARE) We get to find out our likes and dislikes- turn ons and turn offs…etc without having Family/anyone from home dictating that for us. At times even when family is away the rules they instilled in us when growing up can still control us…you will find yourself still restricting yourself from doing what makes you happy when all you can think about is what your mama or papa will say or think if they were to find out …We stop living our best lives cause of that…but once you begin to open up and start following what makes u happy knowing it goes against the system…you get a sense of adrenaline rush you cant explain…it’s like living on the edge…you enjoying the new side of you-you have let out…but with fear inside still…but the FACT THAT YOU DOING IT AFRAID makes it more invigorating…
The awakening stage of Freedom is scary…it requires self-control if not that is where most of us lose it….You will enjoy the hype so much that you will lose the sight of who you are in a split second…It is fun no lie…that is a stage we find out who we aren’t mostly and get out of our cacoon..most come out stronger and even better version of themselves..whereas others become the opposite…I believe we all need to go through this stage…and take lessons from it. Most importantly we need to be CAUTIOUS!



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