Many times, we let other people's opinions dictate who we are. We let their perceptions becoming a reality simply because we do not know who we are. If there is something I have learnt is that once we do not know who we are, we give someone else the ability  and power to tell us … Continue reading WHO ARE YOU?



There are so many myths about Dating that I grew up believing,until I discovered some truths on it that i shall begin revealing to you. Before I go further into this issue of dating ,I would like you to listen to a sermon by Michael Todd that has helped open my eyes. I believe it … Continue reading MYTHS OF DATING


  (thoughts loading..........mmmmh) We now live in a world surrounded by information from all kinds from 'the web'. With such information overload many things such as culture,beliefs and tradition is changing tremendously.The rise of social networks has brought about most of the change and in as much as it has helped connect families,colleagues worldwide it … Continue reading RELATIONSHIP GOALS (Media vs Reality)

Everyone ends up turning to God.. (Believer & non believer)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u6OMJgAlVOQ There are a lot of religions in the world today with all kinds of beliefs and doctrines that have led to so many distress and divisions in families,relationships,churches,countries,nationalities etc. Inspite of all this -whenever turmoil surfaces we all come together in unity praying for good to happen,seeking solace and hope,which could mean that though … Continue reading Everyone ends up turning to God.. (Believer & non believer)


http://godlydating101.com/2017/07/05/we-love-jesus-but-we-messed-up/ I sooo loved this POST from 'GodlyDating101'..It sums up what I believe we all go through in our relationships, where we both want to please God in all that we do,but find our selves falling.... God is a good and gracious God,He is willing to forgive us,in fact he already has(hebb8:12...),by his grace!!.....he is … Continue reading MESS UP? THEN FESS UP

Can you achieve ‘INTIMACY’&’ROMANCE’..without involving sex?

CAN ONE ACHIeVE INTIMACY WITHOUT SEX? I was once asked if it is possible to have intimacy or be intimate with someone without involving sex in the equation.... This is quite hard for most to digest because we now live in a world that imposes the notion that it is IMPOSSIBLE. Wherever we turn to … Continue reading Can you achieve ‘INTIMACY’&’ROMANCE’..without involving sex?